Rare Disease Trials: Beyond the Randomised Controlled Trial

At the start of October I started my PhD on patient allocation methods within clinical trials. Randomised controlled trials are at present the approach most often used in clinical research, however they do not give any possibility to change the treatment allocation probability within the trial.

Bayesian Statistics

Bayesian statisticians interpret probability as the subjective experience of uncertainty. Bayes’ theorem is a model for learning from data. There is no notion of infinitely repeating an event of interest. Rather you use prior information to estimate an event outcome. Once this outcome is revealed, then prior information is updated. This is the model of learning from experience (data).

Movement of Leukocytes

This week I was speaking to a STOR-i alumni Helen Barnett. She spoke to me about her PhD project in pharmacokinetics, which I found really interesting. Her project reminded me of my fourth year dissertation titled, 'Chemokine gradient development in the lymphatic interstitium', which I completed last summer. This investigates how chemokines cause white blood cells (leukocytes) to move around the body.